A soap bar made of recycled plastic

Have you seen our bottle? You can hardly ignore it; the fresh Soaply bottle in the shape of a soap bar made, from 97% recycled plastic. The best choice, because this way we burden the environment as little as possible. In 2021, we collectively saved 114,316 kilos of plastic!

The design

As one of the first washing and cleaning brands, we took up predominantly recycled material: 97% to be exact. In 2017, it was not easy to find a producer who dared to do this! Yet we succeeded, paving the way for many producers in our category to also start working with recycled plastic bottles. And we are proud of that!

Collaborations with FLEX/design and Heldergroen, among others, ensured the design of our recognisable Soaply soap bar. And that soap bar is efficient: its shape means it fits a lot of content on the shelf, in a box and on pallet.

Jasper tells us more:

Our packaging must not only be durable and efficient, it must also be easy to use and provide washing and cleaning fun. We also want it to look super attractive. Pure beauty, inside and out! It has already won several international packaging awards for its durability and appearance.

More about our Soaply bottle:

  • This is how it's made

    The plastic handed in is separated, then granules (which are small pellets) are made from it. These granules are melted down and mixed with 3% colour additive, which gives the bottle its fresh look. The material is blown into the shape of the soap bar.

  • Refill packs

    What about refills? At the moment, we don’t think a refill in the form of a bag is user-friendly enough. Moreover, these bags are hardly recyclable, if at all. Also, large bottles that you can transfer into smaller ones do not yield much profit in real terms. This is because the bigger the bottle, the more material you need to get it to keep its shape. Refilling in shops or returning the bottles to us or to retailers does not seem like a sustainable long-term solution in our view.

    So at the bottom line, we don’t gain much. Do you have other suggestions? Let us know! Together, we can make the future cleaner!

  • Cleaner ánd brighter world

    Our products are the result of a careful balancing act between sustainability and social impact on the one hand, and an affordable and effective product on the other. We want everyone to benefit from our products and believe this is possible. Together, we not only want a clean and beautiful world now, but also for the future! We work hard for that every day, will you wash and polish with us?

    Read more about it here.

Bottle empty?

The material can be reused, so recycle please! Our paper wrapper is applied without glue and can be recycled separately, so our bottle produces as little pollution as possible in the recycling process. By the way, a good recycling system is not just up to us. We have to do this together with you, our Soaply Fans! Can we count on you?

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to throw your empty bottle in the plastic waste… You can also upcycle it yourself! How about a vase, a boat for kids or a birdhouse?

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