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This is Soaply!

Soaply makes detergents, fabric softener, dishwasher liquids, all-purpose cleaners, hand soaps as well as soaps bars from nature’s best ingredients. Like the shells of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit from Nepal. We use only the cleanest ingredients and together we pay a fair price for them. Our mission? A clean future for all of us!

Landwirtinnen Koperative Nepal Faitrade Seepje

How it all started...

It started in March 2013, when Dutch students Melvin and Jasper saw on television how people in Nepal were making natural soap from fruit shells. Sapindus peels contain saponin, a natural form of soap, which is released when the shells come into contact with water. Melvin and Jasper got in touch with Hari the Nepalese shell farmer, and decided to scrape together their student loans to get a first shipment of shells to the Netherlands. They saw an opportunity to make people happy with a wonderful product, and at the same time improve working and living conditions in Nepal!

And now...

Meanwhile, Soaply is available at online and offline shops across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and even South Korea. And we think this is important. Because the more people use Soaply, the more we can do together for people and the environment!

Do you want to ask us something?

You can call or e-mail us!

Bel: +31-(0)6 15 25 14 86

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Our international team

Daniel Soaply

Daniël Wordly Sales Hero

+31 (0)6-15251486

Daniël Wordly Sales Hero

Scandinavia? France? Taiwan? Nothing is too crazy for the good-humoured Daniel. Every day he is in contact with a different part of the world, because he has only one goal: to introduce as many people as possible to Soaply. And whether he will succeed!

Call: +31 (0)6-15251486

Ilse Impact Hero

Ilse Impact Hero

The driven and cheerful Ilse is working very hard to make as much impact as possible with Soaply. When she's not working on the ambition to make Soaply CO2-neutral, she's talking to the people who work for Soaply, such as the guys at the sheltered workshop and the super shell farmers and partners in Nepal.


Melvin Laundry man

Melvin Laundry man

As co-founder there is literally no man who knows more about washing and cleaning than he does. Moreover, Melvin is responsible for financial and logistical matters. Not to mention production, nothing like stirring the Soaply kettle... Right?

Jasper Laundry man

Jasper Laundry man

As a co-founder, he is passionately involved the strategic and creative processes, such as product development and marketing and communication... He can also regularly be found on stage telling the Soaply story! Jasper is on the road a lot, but when he is at the office, he prefers to sit in the beach chair with his laptop.

And we don't do it alone...

Our mission is supported by DOEN Participaties B.V. and Fair Capital Partners Impact Investing, and we are super happy about that! Because not only do they dare to take risks by investing in Soaply at a relatively early stage, social impact is always at the forefront for both of them. Like Soaply, they have the ambition to do something good for the world through sustainable entrepreneurship.

Soaply in The Hague

You will find our Washok at Mauritskade number 1, 2514 HC in The Hague. Call or email for an appointment?

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