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Soaply washes the future cleaner and brighter! We make sustainable laundry and cleaning products based on natural ingredients, like the Sapindus mukorossi fruit. You know, those foaming super shells! We want to make as much impact as possible with our products, for a little fun during your washing and cleaning and for cleaner and brighter world.

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We look back on a year in which making an impact was more than ever our mission. And of course we didn’t do it alone! Curious what impact you are making with your laundry and cleaning? Click here!

On our way to 100% natural

We innovate and lead the way in the use of renewable raw materials. More than 99% of our ingredients are of natural origin. This is important to us, because the use of fossil raw materials is going to end one day.

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When selecting and developing our natural ingredients, three things are high on our list: the origin of ingredients, your health and environmental impact. In total, with all Seepjes combined, we are replacing a lot of synthetic detergent and cleaner! And what we call sustainable, because did you know that detergents and cleaners often contain unnecessary amounts of fossil raw materials? By washing with Seepje you save one plastic bag of petroleum per wash. Incredible huh! By 2021, we have collectively saved 27 million plastic bags of petroleum. Just by washing with 99.81% natural detergent!

We use only 100% natural fragrances in our products, our solid soaps contain 0% plastic and our fabric softener is the first to be declared 100% natural AND vegan. These kinds of effective innovations are available for all other manufacturers to use. Cool, right?

On our packaging you can find all the ingredients, in understandable language! And have you ever noticed the Ecocert logo? This international label confirms that more than 99% of our ingredients are of natural origin. Want to know exactly what’s in our soaps? We are open about it.

Europe's first Fair Trade washing brand

Sapindus mukorossi shell soap gives our products their unique cleaning power! It grows in abundance on trees in the Himalayas. This will enable us to achieve more than 40 fair annual incomes in Nepal by 2021.

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Our Impact Hero Ilse visited Nepal in 2022. There she met our super shell farmers and sat down with farmer cooperatives and authorities to see how we can make even more impact by listening carefully to their needs. We are already well on its way, but we would like to pay even more attention to:

● More direct contact with individual farmers and cooperatives. That way we can make sure that the fair price translates into a living income for all concerned. Last year we connected several new suppliers, with whom we are building a long-term relationship in which transparency is central.

● The planting and distribution of Sapindus trees. In 2021 we will have distributed 1500 saplings and in 5 to 6 years we will buy super shells from them for a fair price! We want to keep following the farmers closely to help them make this a real success.

● With the help of our partners, we made great progress in 2021 to strengthen the market position of shell farmers in Nepal. Among other things, we have connected a women farmers’ cooperative in our chain where we purchased shells from 150 shell farmers. By uniting they are stronger and tackle challenges together. We encourage that!

● Supporting these farmers in strengthening their market position, for example through training. For example with workshops that discuss how the farmers can best grow the trees and explain the long-term economic value.

And of course we assist our partners when times are tough… Like during the corona crisis, when we paid in advance for orders already placed, even though they could not be delivered because of the lockdown. And did you see the “Washing for Nepal” campaign we launched after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal? We heard that the workshop had partially collapsed and our peel farmer and his people were suffering. Together with our Soaply fans, we raised more than 30,000,- euros within a week. With this we were able to provide 1,300 people with tents, medicine, water and food.

Certified B Corporation Based on the 10 WFTO principles, we will implement improvements in the coming years that will contribute to a sustainable and transparent super shell chain. They will monitor our progress through independent audits. Striving for reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty and stronger communities, is also an important goal of the B Corp community of which Soaply is a part.

Nature benefits

By paying a fair price for our natural resources, we create value for nature. And that's important. For example, the Sapindus trees in Nepal are preserved and it becomes more interesting for farmers to plant trees.

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Harvesting natural ingredients is only positive if it is done in a sustainable way. A fair price offers room to respect ecosystems, and thus habitats and biodiversity. And this is essential if we want to be able to continue using ingredients in the long term.

We are committed to this, with every ingredient we use. And that starts with our super shells from the Himalayas! Where we plant trees and distribute them to shell farmers.


Less CO2 emmisions

Soaply takes less energy to make, less energy to filter out of wastewater, and then we compensate for our transportation in partnership with The GoodShipping Program.

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The more natural an ingredient, the less the ingredient needs to be processed. That saves CO2 emissions! In addition, all ingredients are filtered out of the water by water treatment plants. When using Soaply, the wastewater is significantly cleaner! So it takes less energy to purify the wastewater.

Our super shells are transported from the port in India to the Netherlands based on sustainable biofuel. These are 2nd generation biofuels, made from waste or residual streams. Soaply purchases this biofuel through The GoodShipping Program, and they make it available to the shipping industry. With just the transport, we save about 1,106 kg of CO2 emissions annually. You can read exactly how this works here:

Sustainable shipping


97% gerecycled plastic

We choose our packaging materials consciously and burden the environment as little as possible. By 2020, we will have saved 114,316 pounds of plastic!

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Soaply bottles are made from surrendered plastic waste. The plastic is separated, then a granulate (small grains) is made from it. These granules are melted down and mixed with 3% color additive. Tadaa, there’s our Soaply bottle! Even after use, the bottle can be recycled again.

The sustainable design of the bottle has already won several international design awards, such as the Red Dot Design award.

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De bijdrage van onze kanjers

By 2021, some 500,744 Soaply products have been packed by people with disabilities. They enjoy working for Soaply at the sheltered workshop. Without the involvement of these hero's, our products just wouldn't be the same.

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From weighing the peels to exactly 150 grams, to packing our regular products: they can do it all. Soaply works together with sheltered workshops where the focus is not on limitations but on talents: what can someone do really well? These qualities are used in the work they do and together they form a versatile team. The work contributes to their independence, responsibility and social contact.

Dierproefvrij en vegan

All our products are animal testing-free and contain no ingredients of animal origin. Yippee!

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Most are also certified by the Vegan Society. Even our 100% natural fabric softeners are free of animal fat, and that’s pretty special.

All our products are free of animal testing: we demand that the ingredients we use are free of animal testing and actively check this with our suppliers and in their supply chain. For cosmetics such as hand soap, this is required by law.

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